Take Precautions During Cold Weather

The Oakland County Health Division is advising residents to take precautions during these cold winter months. Here are a few quick tips that’ll keep you healthy and safe when it’s cold outside:

  • Dress properly for the outdoor conditions (hat, scarf, face mask, gloves, long sleeves that are snug at the wrists, multiple layers, and water resistant coats and boots)
  • Stay dry; remove excess layers of clothing when you’re too warm
  • Infants should be dressed in warm clothing, even when indoors
  • Set your home’s thermostat at 65 degrees Fahrenheit (minimum); 70 degrees if an infant or individual age 75 or older resides in the home.
  • Avoid exertion while shoveling or snow blowing if you have cardiac problems or high blood pressure
  • Avoid getting gasoline or alcohol on skin while de-icing and fueling cars, snow blowers, etc. Contact with the skin can greatly increase heat loss from the body
  • Don’t forget about your pets! Outdoor pets should be brought in if temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to wipe their paws/underside to avoid the possibility of them licking salt or antifreeze off their paws or other areas

For even more health and safety tips, visit the Oakland County Health Division’s website and Facebook Page.