Back to School Vaccinations

The 2014 school year is fast approaching – which means back-to-school shopping, a back-to-school sleep schedule, and yes – back-to-school vaccinations.

The Oakland County Health Division offers immunizations for individuals of all ages at their offices in Pontiac and Southfield – and is urging families to get vaccinated as soon as possible. These vaccines can help to save your child’s life; the Health Division offers immunizations for 14 different diseases – from chicken pox, to pertussis, and many more.

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Free Financial Counseling Now Available for Oakland County Residents

Yesterday, Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner announced a $25,000 Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) grant to establish a Financial Empowerment Center in Oakland County. The Center will offer free one-on-one counseling for Oakland County taxpayers on personal finance matters, and the financial counseling will be done by counselors from JVS of Southfield, a community-based nonprofit organization.

L-R: Megan Kursik of the Michigan Communities for Financial Empowerment network at CEDAM, Leah Rosenbaum of JVS, and Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner.

L-R: Megan Kursik of the Michigan Communities for Financial Empowerment network at CEDAM, Leah Rosenbaum of JVS, and Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner.

“Sometimes families need help tackling financial challenges and they don’t know where to turn,” Meisner said. “This grant gives us another tool to help families plan a budget, assist with credit repair and home mortgages and many other financial issues our residents face.”

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Cold Weather Precautions

Oakland County is experiencing a rush of intense cold weather this week. While our offices are open for business, we advise residents to stay indoors if possible, and to take extra caution when on the roads.

As temperatures drop, heat leaves your body quickly, which can result in hypothermia or frostbite. Both conditions can be life threatening. If you are in need of a shelter or warming station during this cold weather, please visit our website (HERE) for more information, including shelter locations and contact information.

And as a friendly reminder from the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center, don’t leave your pets outdoors for extended periods of time. A safe rule of thumb– if it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pets!

For more information on how to stay warm, visit the Oakland County Health Division‘s website at

Stay Healthy This Flu Season!

The Oakland County Health Division will be offering flu shots with better protection this season. These shots will guard individuals against four viruses: Type A H1N1 and H3N2 and two Type B strains, all of which are most likely to occur this season.

The importance of getting a flu shot cannot be stressed enough– getting vaccinated greatly reduces the number of people that get ill each flu season, and helps to decrease the severity of the illness and its complications. Our updated flu shots will help in our goal of helping to keep Oakland County residents healthy.

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2013 Oakland County Land Sale Auction

Are you looking for tax foreclosed property in Oakland County? Whether you are a family looking for your next home, a real estate investor, or a business seeking a new location, don’t miss out on the 2013 Oakland County Land Auction!

Twice a year, land sale auctions are held in Oakland County. Beginning August 26th and running through the 28th, next week’s Land Sale Auction will take place at Ultimate Soccer Arenas in Pontiac. Watch Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meiser discuss the details & benefits of purchasing property at this year’s auction.

For more information about purchasing tax foreclosed property in Oakland County, visit the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office website.