Outwitting Fall Foliage Poison Ivy


As the days shorten and the nights cool, the woodlands of Oakland County are transforming into kaleidoscopes of color. Golden hues of sugar maple, the deep crimsons of sassafras and the scarlet-red shades of red maple are the dominant colors on nature’s autumn palette. However, there is one troublesome plant that hides in the showy mix, a plant dressed in alluring shades of red: Poison Ivy.


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Poison Ivy In The Waning Days of Winter

Wilder Side of Oakland County


Thoughts of spring may remain buried under blankets of snow yet cycles of nature on the wilder side of Oakland County continue unnoticed.  One day soon choruses of spring peepers and wood frogs will add music to silent wetlands and woodland flowers will enrich sunny hillsides with delicate blossoms. But first the snows must melt.  We wait for that day. We dream of that day.   And no one is thinking about poison ivy.

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